Greyhound Dovetail Saw


Greyhound Toolworks fine lightweight dovetail saw features thin blade and fine tooth pattern enabling precision sawing of thin components right down to 3—4mm.

— Unique high hang open handle in a choice of premium timbers
— A uniquely shaped brass back
— Tapered blade with cutting depth up to 42mm | 1⅝”
— Blade thickness : 0.016” | 0.4mm
— Sharpened to rip cut: 15tpi | 0.005” set | 8º rake

These saws are made individually to customer specification after order was placed and paid for.


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Individually crafted to customer specification, Greyhound Toolworks Dovetail Saw are hand-made from highest quality materials and premium timbers.
Aesthetics, ergonomics, comfort and precision are paramount, — every component designed to offer best possible experience and shaped by hand.

The high-hang (50º) pistol grip open handle is unique, fits user’s hand perfectly and shaped to suite either left or right-handed woodworker.  This fine lightweight and perfectly balanced saw feels most comfortable, enables precise and controlled cut and suitable for dovetailing and most delicate joinery even in thin components, down to few millimetres.

Thin 0.4mm / 0.016” tapered blade is expertly shaped and sharpened by hand to 15tpi pitch with 8º rake angle and finely (0.005”) set teeth. The handles made from English Walnut and sized individually to customers hand. The choice of premium timbers also available and different configuration at customer request, please get it touch to discuss your options.

Additional information

Weight 700 g
Dimensions 530 × 170 × 70 mm