Greyhound Toolworks

~ The Lifetime Tools ~

Fine saws purposely designed and impeccably handcrafted from finest materials to ensure they will stand the test of time and meet expectations of most demanding craftsmen, furniture and cabinet makers

Greyhound saws designed and hand made in England


Features and benefits

All Greyhound saws are designed and skillfully crafted from high quality components with great attention to details to provide ultimate accuracy, handling and comfort

  • Ergonomic handles

    Saw handles are lovingly crafted by hand from rich wood species. Our ergonomic design ensures they fit your hand comfortably, enabling  more control when sawing fine components.

  • Thin kerfs

    The professionally sharpened thin saw plates with finely pitched and set teeth enable for fast and accurate cut every time.

  • Balance and control

    Flawlessly finished brass or steel backs ensure perfectly ballanced tool for ultimate control and presision.

  • Luxury materials

    The Greyhound saws handles are made from rich English or European wood species finely finished with brass or steel fasteners. We only use thin spring steel hardened to C100S/1095 .

Antique and vintage saws

We share a great passion for antique tools and saws in particular. For every saw has a story, we carefully and thoughtfully restore and repair these fine, often neglected for many years, tools putting them back into the hands of real makers & tool collectors.

  • Saw restoration and repairs

    We have a wide range of thoroughly cleaned, repaired and professionally sharpened saws for all tasks required for modern hand made furniture.

  • Rare collectable saws

    Some saws are rare and highly desirable by tool collectors. These tools receive a special treatment — they are carefully cleaned and preserved to retain historical value.